NFL power rankings 2017: Tracking where teams are entering Week 3

With Week 2 in the books, we’re starting to figure out where NFL teams really stand this season, though it’s still a bit early to be making grand, sweeping judgments. That said, the Atlanta Falcons have certainly staked their claim as one of the best teams in football. They landed at No. 1 in nearly every rankings after a solid win over the Green Bay Packers.

Elite Womens Marcedes Lewis Jersey You’d be hard-pressed to find a better big-game player in the draft this year than Watson. He picked apart the vaunted Alabama defense two straight years, and Nick Saban called him the best player in college football since Cam Newton. Watson is a stellar athlete for a quarterback and moves around the pocket with ease. Sometimes he relies on his athleticism too much, and he won’t be able to run as much in the NFL, but it’s an effective tool in his bag. And he knows how to protect himself.

As a passer he has an easy delivery and just throws a good, catchable ball. He tends to stare down his target, though, and it can get him in trouble. His 32 interceptions at Clemson are concerning. His downfield accuracy is just average, and he doesn’t attack the middle of the field a lot.
Thursday will be a test, but be patient with Watson.

Elite Womens Peter Holland Jersey Watson has shown throughout his career that he can compete with the best that’s in front of him, and improve upon it. My colleague Alex Kirshner reminded us of such after Week 1, when arguing he should be starting:

The Patriots had no problem rebounding from that Week 1 loss, dismantling the Saints to avoid slipping out of the top 10. The Denver Broncos catapulted to the top 10 after defeating the Dallas Cowboys, 42-17.

Speaking of the Cowboys, Yahoo Sports’ power rankings listed the Cowboys at No. 8, and the Broncos were at No. 7. Also, the Carolina Panthers jump up to No. 10 after knocking off the Buffalo Bills, 9-3.

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