The interesting thing in looking at the current NFL players is that two of the smaller players in the league have big hands.

Doolittle: They will both go down, which for ERA means improvement. At the plate, while Ohtani’s exit velocities are even better so far than Stanton’s, his actual WOBA is out-performing his xWOBA by a larger margin than all but 12 qualifying hitters. The mound improvement is based more on eyeballing him than the numbers. His deserved run average and xWOBA both suggest the ERA is about right. But that stuff is so filthy that when he becomes more consistent with his command, it’s hard to see him staying in the mid-4s.

Looking back now, Mullen sees those whirlwind first few months as a rookie head coach and first-time father clearly. He remembers sitting down in his office for the first time, taking a deep breath and thinking to himself, What do I do now? It sunk in, he said, “Wow, it’s all on me now.”

That concoction of pressure and inexperience wasn’t always helpful, he admits. He wanted to win and win big and win big in a hurry — all at once, right this very minute — and anything or anybody who stood in his way was a problem he had to personally overcome. He’d receive bad news from the administration or even a bad diagnosis from the training staff and tell himself, “Everyone’s against us.”

With the Giants and Jets possibly primed to select quarterbacks next week, The Post examined some of the characteristics of the top 15 current NFL quarterbacks (based on average QBR over past three seasons) displayed coming out of college to see if anything could be gleaned from it and how the top four quarterbacks in this year’s draft compare. Here is what we found:

Analysis: Hand size has become a key measurement for QBs in the draft in recent years. Teams believe big hands means better ball security, particularly in cold weather. A few years ago, Jared Goff’s 9-inch hands drew a lot of questions. Brady’s hand size is unknown. It was not measured at the combine when he was in the draft.

Brees and Wilson are both pointed to as examples of shorter quarterbacks having success. Both have 10 ¼-inch hands.

Analysis: Most of the top QBs are big. It helps them see clearly over the line and down the field. Big QBs are also tougher to take down, as Roethlisberger has shown over the past 14 seasons. However, Russell Wilson and Drew Brees have shown that smaller quarterbacks can succeed.

In this year’s group, Mayfield measures a shade under 6-foot-1, which is one of the biggest concerns team have about him. On the other side, scouts love Allen’s size. He has drawn comparisons to Roethlisberger and Wentz because of his large frame.canucks_007

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