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Week 6 in the NFL features several key showdown games that should shape how the rest of the season goes.

47. Drew Brees, quarterback, Saints (43): Brees has led the NFL in passing yards each of the past two seasons (and four of the past five), but New Orleans’ 14-17 record with him under center since 2014 isn’t exactly inspiring. The fact the Saints allowed Brees to enter the final year of his contract without an extension is telling. At 37, is this the end of the line?

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees sits on the bench in the first half of a pre-season NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans on Sept. 1.AP
48. Jay Cutler, quarterback, Bears (47): Cutler is on this list just because his perpetually sour demeanor continues to inspire the best Internet memes of any player in football.

“It’s been a good battle over the years,’’ McDermott told reporters this week. “He is a highly competitive guy, as are we as a football team. We would expect the same. They had an impressive performance last year in all that they did as a team, and what they did in their Super Bowl run. We’ve a big challenge in front of us.’’

Under McDermott, the Bills (2-1) are leading the league in fewest points allowed, at 12.3 per game. The Panthers’ defense last season allowed 25.1 points per game. So Ryan figures to have a tougher challenge Sunday than he did against Carolina last year. Meanwhile, just five teams have scored more points than the 87 the Falcons have scored though three games.

Palmer threw a total of three interceptions in the game, including a pick-six to Detroit’s Miles Killesbrew that iced the game for the Lions. Unfortunately for Arizona, the ugliest part of the loss might have not even been Palmer’s play. Cardinals star running back David Johnson injured his wrist and will be undergoing an MRI on Monday.

Why Ask Why Stat of the Week: In Monmouth’s 70-68 shocker over Notre Dame, Monmouth was 18-of-22 on free throws, Notre Dame was an almost impossible 8-of-17.

Anyone else love that college football stadium Dr Pepper vendor in those TV adsStill, I’ve never seen Dr Pepper vended at any game.

Say, Comcast subscribers, how ya making out on those credits and/or rebates for the loss of YES since Comcast dumped it — with only your best interests in mind, of course. Who ya suppose is pocketing the savings?nike-youth-cardinals-046